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Bringing the Power of Occupational Therapy to You

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Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on improving everyday abilities through practice, problem-solving, and custom recommendations.

Areas We Address:

  • Sensory struggles interfering with everyday life ​​

  • Social emotional control + regulation preventing connection + attachment

  • Self-cares that turn into daily battles and tantrums 

  • Motor skills and movement that is clumsy and uncoordinated 

  • Attention and focus, organization and control for anything else but work

  • Play that turns into fights, wandering + getting kicked out of play groups

  • Vision problems impacting reading, writing and sports 

  • Transitioning from point A to B is a nightmare 


Sick of All the Fighting?

We will work with you & your kids to teach strategies and tools to promote peace and harmony in the home to create lasting and secure relationships between siblings. ​Sam can help with the following: 

  • Constant fighting and disagreements 

  • Aggression between siblings 

  • Sibling rivalries due to disease/diagnosis 

Boys Holding a Bird
Family Time


Are You Looking for a Different Way?

We will work 1:1 with parents and caregivers to teach new skills and tools to help support kids within their home using a play, relationship and sensory based approach. Sam's techniques will challenge parents and caregivers to get at the root of behaviors and responses to address struggles and challenges from a body + brain, holistic approach.


One of the many benefits of Persist Therapy is that we are able to go to the places you are having problems and provide support in the moment and for the future. 

How We Can Help:

  • Working with and preparing families for upcoming school IEP meetings

  • Helping families to advocate for their child's needs at school

  • Observing, working with and problem solving along side daycare providers to help your child thrive

  • Navigating difficulties at the grocery store or park that are making you a prisoner to your home

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Serving the Following Areas: St. Peter, Mankato, Janesville, Belle Plaine, Faribault + Surrounding Areas
Phone: 507-338-6446

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